Compliments by: Sim Zong Huan, Resident of Jurong Blk 413
Date Received: 15/12/2013

Dear Mr Ang,

Thank you for the effort in helping us residents with this new bus service. With this, the waiting time to get to no matter Jurong East or Lakeside MRT station would be better improved and now my family and I could reach our uncle house in Lakeside Apartment with lesser time and effort.

Thank you so much Mr Ang!

Compliments by: Patricia Wong, Resident of Jurong Central Zone D
Date Received: 5/12/2013

I would like to compliment Mdm Lily Tham, Mdm Kamisah, Mr Mohd Fauzi and Insp Rudy of Jurong Central Zone D RC, who were honest and helpful in returning my lost wallet today. I am grateful for such a wonderful team serving in the RC. Thank you so much!

 A compliment from our resident makes our day!
Received via OurJurongCentral Facebook Page on 13 Dec 2013
From: Mdm Sarinah Bakir
Date Received: 29/01/2014

Thank You! Mr MP Ang Wei Neng. Am so glad n soooo happy seeing this notice. Wow! This is amazing and was indeed fast! I remember requesting an additional bus service that can caters to the nearest MRT station during your recent house visit at Blk 404, Jurong West street 42. And its only a few mths! & u had made the residence dream comes TRUE! Proud of U, sir! Thank You again.

Compliments Via Email by Mdm Niz
Subject: Flea Market @ Jurong West Zone B RC

Dear Sir/Madam

I just want to send my appreciation to the manager incharge of the flea market at the above location. Not only he gave us opportunity, we small time sellers able to come as one and meet at the same place with our customers awaits for our arrival twice a month there at blk 425 Jurong west st.42. Mr Will, Thank you for welcoming us although we are not from Jurong Residence and allowing us and our small business get known by the residence who dont rely on internet to shop.

Thank you

Date Received: 23 May 2014
Received via Facebook Page

compliments for Janet HoCompliment from one of the participants - Ms Janet Ho (RC Manager) was full of energy and indeed the life wire at the event. She was continuously getting the general public to get involve and supporting the participants while at the same time maintaining a civil, exciting and inspiring climate. Organising such event is no mean feat.









Date Received: 25 May 2014

Kudos to our 15 Singapore Polytechnic Volunteers!#jurongcentral #familyday #singaporepolytechnic

05252014 volunteersOne of our invited elderly extends her compliments to the SP students as well as our Senior Wellness Coordinator, Mdm Tan Hwee Kheng :
English Translation: Mdm Tan, thanks for bringing us a wonderful weekend at USS. The SP students were very sincere and kind, and took very good care of us. One of the girls even gave one of the elderly a small gift and reminded her to use it. We are warmed by the kindness of the students. Hereby, I would like to express my thanks to the SP students and you, Mdm Tan. Well done!





A compliment from our resident makes our day!
Received via Letter
From: Mdm Lee Yeow Kee & Family
Date Received: 23/01/2016

Thank you very much for your kindness & generosity. With your care & love, we are very blissful.