about cc history cc bgStarting its humble beginnings in 1996, the Hong Kah East Community Club (CC) at 6 Jurong West Avenue 1 was renamed Jurong Green Community Club in 2001. The CC has served many residents residing in Jurong Central Constituency for the past 15 years. However with the growth in population in the constituency, the 2,777 square metres CC faces space limitation for grassroots organisations (GROs) who want to organise more programmes to cater to the needs of residents.

The newly upgraded CC, with a gross floor area of 5,381 square metres, will create a barrier-free and user-friendly building for the convenience of all residents, including the elderly and disabled. With the new facilities, the CC hopes to attract the youth to participate in its activities and facilitate intergenerational bonding. The upgraded facilities such as the roof terrace, dance studios, seminar rooms, activity rooms, visitors lounge, sheltered basketball court, gym and karaoke lounge will enable the CC to organise new activities for the residents to interact, get to know one another better, become friends and build strong bonds.

The newly upgraded CC will excite every Jurong Central resident and create a youthful, vibrant and conducive environment for people to come together to take ownership of and contribute to the community. Families can also look forward to patronising the commercial tenants within the new CC, which includes a café, two fast food restaurants, two enrichment centres and an art school. The user-friendly features will also certainly be a welcome addition for the elderly and handicap that will have enhanced accessibility to enjoy the CC’s amenities.


History of CC BFC

With a sole intention of providing Jurong Central residents with a much bigger recreational facilities and a barrier-free and user-friendly building for the convenience of all residents, including the elderly and disabled, the Jurong Green Community Club  Management Committee (CCMC) decided to expand and upgrade the CC and the Community Club Building Fund Committee (BFC) was once again formed in 1 May 2009.
Chaired by Mr Yam Ah Mee, PPA, the former Jurong Green CCMC Chairman and assisted by Mr Yap Thian Ling, BBM, Vice Chairman of the Jurong Green CCMC since May 2009 started with various fund raising activities raising a total of 1.5 million for the 4.7 million upgrading project of the CC.

Events organised include:-

  • Jurong Green Community Club Building Fund Raising Golf Tournament held on 6 November 2009 raising a total amount of $703,640.00
  • Jurong Green Community Club Building Fund raising Charity Dinner on 11 September 2010 raising a total amount of  $250,000.00

The remaining $550,000.00 was donated by the Singapore TOTE Board.

With all these supports from donors, sponsors and supporters that mission has been realised with the completion in June 2011 for the 4.7 million 4 storey Mega-Modern Community Club and handed over to the Community Club Management Committee on 30 July 2011.