CCCThe Jurong Central Citizens’ Consultative Committee (CCC) is the umbrella for all grassroots organisations (GROs) in Jurong Central.  It plans and leads grassroots activities at constituency level, oversees community and welfare programme.  It also supervises and works closely with its fourteen (14) GROs, to raise and manage funds, distribute aid such as bursaries and community care; and implement new programme to serve the residents of Jurong Central. 

The CCC works closely with various government agencies and statutory boards to plan and implement schemes and projects to improve the lives of its residents.  Such programmes include housing upgrading schemes and welfare schemes. It serves as a feedback channel between the people and the government.  It disseminates information on national policies to the residents and also channels feedback to the relevant authorities to help residents improve their living environment.

Geographically, Jurong Central division comprises 97 public housing blocks and 4 private condominium blocks.  About 9,600 household units are spread across Blocks 301 to 316, 329 to 341, 401 to 440 and 474 to 498 at Jurong East Avenue 1/Street 32 and Jurong West Avenue 1/Street 41/Street 42.  

Jurong Central Division prides itself with many educational institutions, namely, Jurong Primary School, Jurongville Secondary School, Hong Kah Secondary School, Hua Yi Secondary School and Fuhua Secondary School.  There are also several pre-school institutions located in the division.   

Many residents enjoy patronising the neighbourhood shopping paradise at Jurong West Street 41.  There are many interesting shops, coffeeshops and wet market to serve the everyday needs of the residents.   There are also Volunteer Welfare Organisations (VWOs) including CDAC and Loving Hearts Multi-Service Centre (Jurong) to help residents in terms of social needs.  

Jurong Central is also one of 12 sites in Singapore to implement Wellness Programme for seniors aged 50 years and old. Wellness Programme aims to reach out to Singaporeans and Permanent Residents, aged 50 years and above, to engage them in programmes and activities so they may be mentally, physically and socially active.  The aim is not only to achieve a mindset change, but to see a change in behaviour where more residents adopt healthy lifestyles in a sustained manner, resulting in more people enjoying a healthier lifespan and higher quality of life.  
Every year, the CCC will organise major events to reach out and help residents bond.  It organizes many successful events which attracted many residents of all ages, races and estates to participate.  These popular events include National Day Observance Ceremony, National Day Dinner and Variety Show, Residents’ Day, Constituency Bursary Ceremonies and Countdown Party for Residents.

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