IAECThe Jurong Green Community Club Indian Activity Executive Committee (Jurong Green CC IAEC) was formed more than 15 years ago. The IAEC organizes and promotes Indian cultural activities and works closely with other races to actively contribute to racial harmony and nation-building. The IAEC is also committed to harness the support of the Indians who have become new citizens to be part of our events as this also helps them to integrate well with the local Indians.   

The committee organises various activities and festive celebrations on an annual basis such as the Pongal (Harvest) Festival, Tamil New Year and Deepavali celebrations.  

The other major activities that the IAEC are involved in include the following:

Jurong Green CC - SINDA Reading Centre - The IAEC and SINDA is jointly organizing a 9-month reading programme for children aged 4 to 8 at Jurong Green CC. Classes are held on every Saturdays at Jurong Green CC.

Children’s Talent Quest – The main aim of this event is to promote the use of the Tamil language and to build self-confidence and hope in the children. Competitions such as Story-telling, oratorical and Quiz contests in Tamil are organized for primary school children.

Tamil Karaoke Singing contest – The annual Tamil Karaoke singing competition generates great interest from many residents and also attracts a large number of people who are keen to showcase their singing talents.  

Chingay Parade- The annual Chingay Parade organized by People’s Association (PA) Scene Division is the grandest and largest floats and street procession in Asia. For the first time, the Jurong Green CC IAEC joined many other IAECs to be part of the Narpani contingent and made its maiden appearance at Chingay 2011. The IAEC is looking forward to participate in the Chingay event on an annual basis.

Family Day Event - Since 2008, the IAECs in the South West District and PA Narpani Pearavai have been working closely with Vasantham, a mediacorp channel to organise a Family Day for residents in South West district. The main aim of this event is to promote family bonding. About 2,000 residents in South West district participate in the family day annually organized at the Singapore Zoo and Bird Park over the past 3 years. This year’s family day organized on 13 Nov 2011 was held at Sentosa’s Siloso Beach.

The IAEC will be using various platforms to reach out to more Indian youths and encourage them to join the Jurong Green grassroots organisations. The IAEC Facebook “IAEC Jurong Green CC” page will be a good platform to reach out to more Indian youths in the coming years. 

The IAEC has launched a number of Interest Groups to cater to the different needs and interests of our residents. The interest groups include Tamil Karaoke, Indian instrumental music, Children dance group, Adults Women Dance Group, Kolam and Henna.    

The residents can look forward to more exciting and interesting activities in the coming years.

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