zonee RCJurong Central Zone E Residents’ Committee (RC), formerly known as Jurong Central Zone H RC, was formed in 1 April 1985. The RC Centre is located at Blk 308 Jurong East St 32 #01-256.

The RC aims to reach out to residents of different ages and races, and hence, organises several different course and activities to cater to their different needs. For instance, the pre-school enrichment courses conducted in the RC Centre are popular with the young residents.  Besides courses, the RC members and volunteers often organise many family-oriented activities such as healthy lifestyle programme, brisk walks, multi-racial cultural events, outings and educational tours to engage residents.   Besides, the RC also ensures that health and wellness are not neglected.  Thus, Health Screening for the elderly at a minimal charge is organised periodically with the neighbourhood Wellness Centre.The RC takes pride in their senior citizens’ corner activities. Over the years, the senior citizens have developed strong friendship with the RC and amongst one another through the many activities organised by the RC.  Today, the elderly are seen meeting up with their friends at their favourite senior citizens’ corner to meet and exchange culinary tips and share their home cooked meals.  

The RC is also concerned with the safety of the residents.  Hence, they formed a Citizens on Patrol (COP) team to organise regular patrols with the police to remind residents to deter crimes in the estate.  Besides the police, the RC also works closely with the other government agencies, such as Housing Development Board (HDB), Jurong Town Council (TC), on collaborative projects and events which benefits residents, such as upgrading projects, Lift Upgrading Programme (LUP) and Neighbourhood Renewal Programme (NRP) and other improvement works by the Town Council.

Jurong Central Zone E RC is adamant to accomplish its mission in promoting neighbourliness, harmony and cohesiveness among the residents and will strive to serve the residents better.

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